Main Health Benefits of CBD

Ever since Marijuana became legal in most of the North American region, the awareness and demand for related products (paraphernalia) has grown higher than ever. Yet, despite the rise in popularity, most people still have little understanding about the connection between CBD and Cannabis. One of the main reasons associated with this disconnect is due […]

What exactly is CBD? [Beginner’s Guide]

Do you live in Canada or a state where Cannabis products have been legalized? You then probably have come across CBD at some point. CBD has become a whole new category for some industries. Chefs are making CBD infused vegan pizzas and coffee shops are offering CBD infused coffee & tea. Moreover, spas are offering […]

4 Different Types Of CBD Products [Choosing the right one]

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a highly therapeutic compound which originates from the cannabis sativa plant. Since its recent surge in popularity, the entire dynamic of the Cannabis market worldwide has changed drastically. Many studies regarding cannabis have linked CBD’s benefits to treating various kinds of illness such as epilepsy, arthritis, cancer, brain […]

How Much CBD Should You Take?

How Much CBD Should You Take? It seems like an easy answer, but take it seriously. The accurate amount of CBD for a consumer distinguishes one from another since the optimal dose depends on several factors, i.e. consumer’s body conditions, CBD concentration, tolerance period and desired effects. Following are four key considerations which you should […]

Pets and CBD? What is the magic in this case?

Pets and CBD? What is the magic in this case? It might be hard to imagine but pets are experiencing the same health problems just as we do. However it could be even harder for your puppies since they can’t express how they feel and what the symptoms are. That’s why CBD has conquered the […]

Can CBD help you sleep better?

Can CBD help you sleep better? Sleep matters. Don’t overlook it! Sleep is so crucial in maintaining a good well being throughout your life. Undoubtedly, a full command of quality sleep at right time slots on a daily basis contributes to a satisfying mental and physical health status, keeping you safe and sound all the […]

The 6 Things You Absolutely Need To Know

CBD Oil: The 6 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Here are six basic facts of CBD oil that may surprise you. 1. Origin: Hemp Plants, Not Marijuana Let’s make it clear once again, CBD Oil is extracted from hemp, not marijuana. So don’t panic when you hear the word “Cannabidiol (CBD)”. It is a […]


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